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It’s all about quality

At Paauw Lilies we believe that quality means paying constant attention to detail. The quality of our lilies, our production process and our people. We believe that quality prescribes the highest production standards.


Top quality lilies

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A passion for lilies for 92 years

A small family business saw the light in 1923. Today, 92 years later, Paauw Lilies is one of the largest producers of quality lilies in the Netherlands.

Trend-setting nursery

Paauw Lilies’ most important production facility covering 100,000 m2 is located in Rijnsburg, the Netherlands. Paauw Lilies produces approximately 10 million lily stems a year, the majority of which are exported.

Innovative production process

Everything at Paauw Lilies revolves around quality. Although lilies are one of nature’s most beautiful designs, modern techniques can add to their splendour.