Passion for lilies

Lilies are grown with passion and enthusiasm, with expertise, experience and craftsmanship being indispensable. At Paauw Lilies, the love for lilies has passed from generation to generation.

Luxury product
Lilies are a true luxury product, especially outside of the Netherlands. They are often on display at weddings, exhibitions and events. There are many different types of lily. At Paauw Lilies, we concentrate on the most beautiful oriental and OT species. Much of our time is dedicated to finding new varieties. That is to say, we continually strive to develop increasingly beautiful cultivars, for example with new colours or with special characteristics.

Ecological equilibrium
Alongside product innovation, we also continuously look for ways to improve our business operations. The principle here being man and the environment. We invest heavily in energy-saving measures. An ecological equilibrium exists in our greenhouses, resulting in a limited use of chemicals. Our production process is an almost completely closed system, allowing us to meet our high quality standards with a minimum of waste.

Absolute top quality
We do much, if not everything, to guarantee quality. That is why I dare to state that the Paauw lilies are absolute top quality. And that makes us very proud. At Paauw Lilies, everything revolves around quality. The quality of our gorgeous lilies, our company, our people and our technology.