More enjoyment from your lilies

Lilies are simply gorgeous. A single stem with numerous flowers, or multiple lilies in a lovely arrangement; these flowers deserve every bit of attention.

Reason to take good care of your lilies. In a vase, lilies can dazzle for at least 10 days. So please take good care of your lilies. Here’s how to do it.

Begin by cutting off the end of the stems at an angle.

Lilies are best transported in their original packaging, preferably at a low temperature. Once you’ve unwrapped them, cut off the end of the stem at an angle. This increases the area through which water can be absorbed. Ideally, the cut should be approximately 1 to 1,5 cm long.

Use clean water in a clean vase

The vase should be cleaned well before use and filled with clean water. A floral preservative can be added to the water. If you do not use a floral preservative, please remember to replace the water in the vase regularly and to recut the stems frequently. Of course, the water should be topped up regularly. Please replace the water when it becomes cloudy.

Remove the lower leaves

When arranging the lilies in the vase, it is important that you remove the lower leaves.

Never put lilies in direct sunlight

Ensure that no leaves touch the water, because this will cause bacterial growth, making the lilies wilt faster. Lilies do not like direct sunlight; this too will accelerate wilting.

If you adhere to the rules above, you will be surprised how long you can enjoy your lilies.

There is one minor point to a blooming lily: the pollen may cause stains on fabrics. This can be prevented by letting the pollen dry first before brushing it off. Instead of brushing, the pollen can be removed by using adhesive tape. Sunlight will cause any remaining spots to disappear over time. Important: never use water on pollen stains.

At Paauw Lilies, we know what it takes to grow a perfect lily. So please take good care of it. As we do.