Trend-setting nursery

Trend-setting nursery in Rijnsburg, the Netherlands

Paauw Lilies’ main 100,000-m2 production facility is located in Rijnsburg, the Netherlands. Greenhouses cover 85,000 m2 of the facility, the remaining 15,000 m2 are dedicated to handling and storage.

Year-round production
The climate-controlled greenhouses allow lilies to be produced throughout the year, in spite of the unpredictable Dutch weather conditions. Paauw Lilies produces 10 million stems of 10 to 12 different varieties annually. Lilies begin their life as bulbs in small containers filled with potting soil. Prior to filling the containers, the soil is thoroughly cleaned in a separate bunker.

Utmost care
The bulbs are selected with the utmost care. Although the production process is mainly automated, the delicate process of planting the bulbs is still done by hand. Once planted in the containers, they are moved into a cold store. The bulbs take root here under strictly controlled conditions. Upon sprouting, the containers are moved to the greenhouses. On average, it takes three months to grow a lily.

Impressive innovation
Although lilies are one of nature’s most beautiful designs, modern techniques can add to their splendour. This is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires extensive expertise and patience. By working together with other specialists in this area, Paauw Lilies has recently achieved remarkable successes. Through the years, Paauw Lilies has put extensive effort into developing customised equipment and software. The outcome is impressive; almost the entire production cycle is fully automated. Even so, the company continues to search for new ways to innovate.