Production process

Innovative production process

Everything at Paauw Lilies revolves around quality. Although lilies are one of nature’s most beautiful designs, modern techniques can add to their splendour.

Rolling container system
Paauw Lilies has operated 8.5 ha of greenhouses since 2003. After the construction of new buildings and the renovation of existing ones, the containers have been automatically rolling through the greenhouses since 2007. A rolling container system is known to make labour savings possible. Our aim is to increase production without making any concessions to quality.

Mobile growing
Plans to grow Orientals in containers using a mobile system took shape with a 1,000-m2 trial in a greenhouse. ‘We saw opportunities to increase production with a minimum increase in staff by using a mobile growing system. However, the quality of the lilies must remain at the highest level. The optimal quantity of potting soil in a container and especially the water supply were found to be critical factors in the new growing system. Lilly grower Wim-Jan Paauw: ‘It’s a good thing we tested this extensively before starting construction’.